There’s a Huge Problem When Unbelievers are Invited to Church.

There’s a Huge Problem when Unbelievers, Christians, and Churches use the Attraction or Invite Model for Evangelism. Christians desperately want their unbelieving friends and family to find Jesus but aren’t being trained on how to personally share the Gospel. They are however encouraged to invite them to church hoping they show up, eventually hear a gospel presentation, and put their faith in Jesus. While many find Jesus using this attraction model of evangelism we know the YouShare model is far superior. The reasons below show why.

An Unbeliever’s experience in the attraction model of evangelism.
– The vast majority of those invited will never attend a church service. In fact, they may never attend. How are they going to hear the Gospel if they don’t hear a sermon preached about it?

– If they do finally attend they may not even hear a gospel presentation that week or they could make an eternal decision about Jesus based on a poor church experience. Someone cuts them off in the parking lot, ushers aren’t nice enough or too nice, the bathrooms are a mess, the music is too loud, the room is too dark, the kid’s ministry isn’t as good as the one down the street, etc…

– Most are hesitant that an invitation as it feels like a bait and switch or trick to convert them. Once they realize this they don’t want anything to do with church or the person that may have invited them.

An Unbeliever’s experience in the YouShare model of evangelism.
– They hear the gospel presentation intentionally and have agreed to it on their terms, timing, and turf.

– The gospel presentation is done personally in a safe, respectful, and relational fashion. It’s not street preaching.

– They hear enough information to make an intelligent decision about Jesus based on the Gospel and the relationship. Not an emotional stirring inside.

A Christian’s experience in the attraction model of evangelism.
– They really only invite people when there is a good preacher, great music, and fantastic children’s programming. A Christian’s pitch to an unbeliever is all about the church building and programs instead of Jesus or the reason the Church exists.

– They cringe when they work hard to get someone to attend with them and the behavior of those in attendance is rude or lackluster. They desperately want everyone in attendance to be on their best behavior and give quality service to their friend but no one cares.

– They get frustrated because their friend needs to hear a Gospel presentation and accept Jesus but instead they hear an in house sermon on the health of the organization, giving, parenting, marriage, or politics when they really need the Gospel.

– Many feel held back from God’s calling on their life as they are not empowered to be a true ambassador for Jesus. This makes them feel like they’re not really in the game and the model reinforces that feeling. 

– They are not personally making disciples and instead spend their lives planning and promoting Church growth. This goes directly against Matthew 28, 2 Corinthians 5:18-20, and Matthew 25.

A Christian’s experience in the YouShare model of evangelism.
– Equips Christians to share Jesus with unbelievers before they even attend a church.

– They aren’t limited to a certain time of the week to share the Gospel. They can share Jesus with anyone anywhere anytime.

– Christians are no longer held back from God’s calling on their life and empowered to be His ambassadors.

A Churches’ experience in the attraction model of evangelism.
– They aren’t growing rapidly because they haven’t released their people to share Jesus.

– The Church Pastors and staff carry too much of the burden of sharing the gospel.

– The vast majority of their surrounding communities will never step foot on campus much less attend.

– The organization can unintentionally become the attraction instead of attracting people to Jesus.

– They invest most of their resources into the production instead of producing disciple-makers.

– It hurts the small churches because they want to grow and are taught by megachurch leaders in conferences but don’t have the financial resources, staff, or talent it takes to emulate the attraction model.

– It hurts megachurches because they have vast armies of attendees who can’t personally share Jesus.

– Attendance, giving to the organization, and baptisms become the only measure of success.  

A Churches’ experience in the YouShare model of evangelism.
– Small churches grow from making new disciples and can do so without a large paid staff.

– Megachurches exponentially grow as they have vast numbers of people in the community.    

– Jesus becomes the attraction to attend a church gathering.

– It taps into the churches’ greatest asset which is its people.

– The church preaching, building, lights, music, programs are no longer the first impression.