Baptized by Sprinkling

When some people learn what Christian baptism really is (immersion in water of a believer), they are in a complicated situation. Their parents or grandparents might have been long-time members of a church that baptized by sprinkling or pouring (neither of which are ever taught or practiced in the New Testament as a form of baptism). Their parents might have continued the practice by having their children sprinkled, too. 

So the fear is that if the current people go ahead and are baptized in biblical baptism, Christian baptism, they will be condemning their parents’ beliefs and practice. That is not the case.

Here is a story that might help.

A man was the long-time owner of a neighborhood meat market. He was an honorable man, loved and respected by all the people in the area. He passed away. He left the meat market to his son who had grown up working in the market, learning the trade from his father.

In the process of having the ownership transferred to his name, the State meat inspectors came and when they examined the scales, they found out the father had been overcharging the people for who knows how long.

The question becomes, would it be impugning the character of his father if the son had the scales corrected and left them so?

Of course it wouldn’t.

If the father had known what the son learned, he would have fixed the scales himself without even thinking about it. It was the correct, right thing to do.

We never belittle anyone who had their children or themselves baptized by some other form they were taught. I give them the benefit of the doubt that they did what they believed was the proper way to do it.  They were mis-taught. They did it with good intentions and an obedient heart. They may have just done it because it was the family/church tradition. Whatever, they did it out of a good intent. The only thing we do is encourage them to do what Jesus did and taught and the early church practiced. Jesus never changed the manner of it, nor did he suggest we could do it however we wanted to do it.