Our History

from A Peace Treaty with God, TO It’s all about Relationship, AND NOW YOUSHARE.


We began developing the idea for what would become ‘A Peace Treaty with God’ in bible college.  The first version was the thesis for his master’s degree.


The Peace Treaty lesson and training manual were published by Standard Publishing for use around the Globe.  

Live training for lessons were in high demand for those who had been trained. Some trained became long term missionaries overseas.

Eventually the lesson helped to build what is now one of the largest megachurches in the United States.


The Peace Treaty with God model was introduced to South America as well as training others there in both Chile and Peru.


The Peace Treaty with God’s name was changed to ‘It’s All About Relationship.’

The focus was shifted to training so many Christians leaders around the world could learn the model and see thousands be won to Jesus where it was used.


In 2020 our leadership team decided to make the training live online and update the branding to YouShare. God’s timing seemed to be perfect as Church organizations have been restricted from meeting in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


We have intentionally formed a 501c3 organization called “You Share Jesus”.  The organization was formed to insure this model of evangelism stays relevant, active, and accessible to the world for another 50 years.

The team has made the material digital with an updated website, Online Training Modules, Updated graphics and branding. 

The project launched January 1, 2024.