Assumptions and Agendas

Here are a few assumptions and agendas I have as an Ambassador for Christ: 1.  Everyone has a conscience.  The law of God has been written in their heart. Romans 3:15. That gives me an advantage. I can know that. 2.  Everyone can know something about God just by looking and thinking. Romans 1:20. 3.  […]

What Makes a Boy a Man?

WHAT MAKES A BOY A MAN?WHAT MAKES A MAN A MAN? It can be very confusing to a boy growing up trying to figure out what makes a boy a man.  Most boys can’t wait.  They want to be men. He can’t wait till he is taller, his muscles bigger, his voice deeper, and whiskers […]

Baptized by Sprinkling

When some people learn what Christian baptism really is (immersion in water of a believer), they are in a complicated situation. Their parents or grandparents might have been long-time members of a church that baptized by sprinkling or pouring (neither of which are ever taught or practiced in the New Testament as a form of […]

Christian Baptism

CHRISTIAN BAPTISMBy Gene Rogers, Minister Christian baptism is referred to in New Testament scripture by several terms. In Titus 3:5 it is called a “washing of regeneration”. In Acts 22:16 it is characterized as a washing when Ananias exhorts Paul to “rise and be baptized, and wash away your sins, calling on his name.” In […]

Chart on Conversions

Conversion Hear Believe Pray to ask Christ into your heart Repent Confess Baptism Jesus Luke 8:21 John 3:16   Luke 13:3-5 Luke 12:8 Matthew 28:18-20 Jews on Pentecost Hearing Acts 2:22-37     Repentance Acts 2:38   Baptism Acts 2:38 Samaritans Hearing Acts 8:5-6 Belief Acts 8:12       Baptism Acts 8:12 Ethiopian eunich […]